Doron S. Antrim:  Activist/Change Agent,  Retired” Businessman & Entrepreneur,
Lifelong Seeker of Spiritual Truth, Philosopher, Engineer, Musician



BS, Mechanical Engineering (Management Option), Cum Laude
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT); 1964.

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Doron’s Background

Professional Careers

Early Background



Life Partner: Lillian (Kate) Prager (2008 – Present)

Children: Wendy Antrim; Doron Todd Antrim (adopted); Christopher Beckwith
      (stepson); Lindsay Beckwith (stepdaughter)

Grandchildren: Doron Tyler Antrim; Blake Antrim; Kayla Braunston

Sister: Francis Ann Child

Parents: Doron Kemp Antrim (1890 – 1960); Mira Antrim (nee Stevens) (1896 – 1964)

Wives: Jean Antrim (nee Miller), 1954 -- 1968; Barbara (Toby) Beckwith (nee
      Tobiason), 1970 – 2006, (Toby died in 2006)

I was an active musician for the first 40 years of my life, playing trombone throughout high school and college, then in various community and semi-professional groups as I pursued my careers in business.  

Engineering Project Management (1954 to 1969)

Human Resources Management & Change Management Consulting (1969 to 1995)

Business Owner/Entrepreneur (1995 to 2011)

Born:  May 8, 1934, in Brooklyn, NY, to Doron K. and Mira S. Antrim (nee Stevens).

Grew up (age 4 through 16) in Stony Brook, NY, a  then sleepy village on the Long
     Island Sound.

College:  I left Stony Brook to attend Syracuse University in a pre-theology program;
     my mother wanted me to be a preacher and I wanted to please her.  

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"The desire to gain wealth and the fear to lose it are our chief breeders of cowardice and propagators of corruption."

                                                    William James