Doron S. Antrim:  Activist/Change Agent,  Retired” Businessman & Entrepreneur,
Lifelong Seeker of Spiritual Truth, Philosopher, Engineer, Musician

Doron’s Core Beliefs


Death need not be feared.

I believe (as did Socrates) that death is either a sleep from which I will never awaken or that my soul will continue to exist, possibly as part of a cosmic consciousness.  I see no other possibilities.  So if either of these is true, what is there to fear?

     I reject concepts of purgatory and hell as archaic myths, perpetrated to maintain control and power through fear.  And they are not possible if, as I believe, there is a God-like Divine Life Force that is good and merciful (what loving parent would commit their children to suffer in a hell?).

     But I lament that the fear of death is so prevalent and, in my judgement, can create more pain and suffering than death itself.  For example, I have two life threatening cancers, yet I will not accept means to extend my life that may create significant pain and suffering in both me and in others who love me.  Free from the fear of death and extremely grateful for the life I have enjoyed, I can make life or death decision with quality of life as the primary factor, not duration of life.


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