Doron S. Antrim:  Activist/Change Agent,  Retired” Businessman & Entrepreneur,
Lifelong Seeker of Spiritual Truth, Philosopher, Engineer, Musician

Doron’s Core Beliefs

Divine Guidance and Prayer

When I am open to the Divine Life Force I receive direction in how to live my life and resolve issues large and small that may confront me; life just flows with goodness and mercy.

The unconditional love (agape) and guidance that flows into me from the Divine Life Force meets my personal needs, which frees me to focus on meeting the needs of others, and of all life -- on being a conduit for Divine love.  The Divine has provided guidance throughout my life, like I am being directed through a complex maze.  It has guided me, for example, to good decisions on my career moves, on relationships, and  on my spiritual development.  Sometimes it provides an immediate answer to direct questions such as, “How should I do this,” or “What should I do next?,” or “Which turn should I take to reach my destination (when driving before GPSs).”  The answer is not delivered in a voice; it is just knowing, receiving a clear awareness of the answer that guides my body and mind to do what needs to be done.

     But projects do not always flow like magic and answers are not always received, and I think I have learned why.  Divine Guidance is received when I am one with the Divine, when I am open and connected and allow The Divine Force to enter my consciousness.  And for that to happen I must be in the moment, and I must have faith that guidance will be received.  If my mind is full of doubts, fears and anxieties, or is just consumed by thoughts extraneous to the task at hand, I am on my own; my connection for receiving the guidance is blocked.  Meditation and prayer brings me back to my connection with the Divine.

     I pray to be open to Divine Guidance throughout my waking hours.  I call it being in “my zone,” and liken it to the zone that I experienced when I performed musically and that I assume athletes feel when they are performing at their best.  And I liken it to the natural world, when animals, birds, or insects create something that would be nearly impossible for me to create, yet they just do it with ease.  I like the example of a bird building a nest out of twigs, something that I consider an admirable engineering and construction feat.  Think about it: how swiftly do you think you could build a tightly structured nest from a pile of twigs of random size and shape?  Yet the birds just do it with, I believe, Divine Guidance.

     My prayers now are simple; I just ask to be united with the Divine Force, to feel its love and guidance and healing.  And, as I pray for others I ask for the same for them.  I do not presume to know what others need specifically, but I trust that the Divine does know.

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