Doron S. Antrim:  Activist/Change Agent,  Retired” Businessman & Entrepreneur,
Lifelong Seeker of Spiritual Truth, Philosopher, Engineer, Musician

Doron’s Cancer Updates

Doron’s General Health Background


Born May 8, 1934


10/1/2012:  Adenocarcinoma of the lung,Stage 1A

9/17/2012:  Oligomestatic prostate cancer (erroneous diagnosis)

4/07/2006:  Prostate cancer (T1cNOMO Stage II, Gleason 3+3)




See Treatment Regimen


See Treatment Regimen


BMI is 24.7 (5’ 10”; 172#)

Power walk 35/50 minutes 2X/week

Work out with free weights, 25 - 30 min., 3X/week

Yoga: 1.5 hour session 1X/week

Acupuncture: 1 session/month

Life Style:

In a loving relationship

Retired businessman, but very active

Low stress: Meditate daily

Sleep easily: 6 ½ – 7 ½ hours/night

Hobbies: Family visits, cooking, camping, cultural events, dancing

Family History:

Father died of prostate cancer at 74

Mother died of lung cancer at 70

Two maternal uncles had prostate cancer

Despite being diagnosed with both lung and prostate cancer, I consider myself very fortunate because I have been healthy throughout my life.  I had the normal childhood diseases and have fond memories of mom nursing me when I stayed home from school with a cold.  But, before the cancer, I have had no major medical problems as an adult.  I contracted Lyme disease twice and it was misdiagnosed the second time so it remains with me, but it causes no problems.

     I assume that I have been blessed with a strong immune system, and I am determined to do all within my power to support it and keep it strong.

     Most encouraging has been the seeming reversal of aging ailments since I have been on the alternative treatment regimen for the cancers.  Prior to starting the regimen I was noticing  occasional arthritis-type pains, increasing problems with balance and forgetfulness, and a decline in overall energy.  All of that has disappeared – I truly feel, and act as fit as I did at 59 (e.g., I stop at 21 marine style push-ups during my exercise routine).

     I obviously know not what the future holds for me and my body, but it worries me not  – I’m having too much fun living.   


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