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Personal experiences with telepathy have convinced me beyond any doubt that the extrasensory transfer of images and thoughts between individuals is real, and my mind is open to considering other ways that I may be connected with others and with all life.  Perhaps the science of quantum entanglement will yield insights into how connected or entangled we are.

Here is why I am convinced that I can connect with other people, at least to exchange mental images and thoughts.  When I was about 10 years old, my mother was reading about extrasensory perception, particularly telepathy, and she wanted to experiment with me to see if it worked.  She said something like, “Buddy, I’d like you to lay down in your dad’s bed and make your mind a blank, just like a dark movie screen, and I’ll send you some pictures from my mind.”  “Swell,” I thought, “this should be fun.”  So I lay down, closed my eyes, “saw” a blank screen, and almost instantly a holographic type image of my mom rowing a boat appeared (I can see it to this day).  Mom said, “That’s right.” when I told her what I saw, “Let’s try another.”  Long story short, mom send two additional images of her doing things she had never done in her life, and I received them just like I did the first.  She became so excited after the third success that she couldn’t continue, but I look back on this as a powerful lesson in my life – it recorded in my impressionable and trusting mind that people have a connection that transcends their familiar senses.  And that has been proven countless times throughout my life, particularly when a loved one raises a new topic that I was thinking about, or vice versa.  I say, “”You got my brainwave” when that happens.  And it happens frequently.

     I want to believe that my connectedness with others extends far beyond telepathy, but proof is lacking.  I hypothesize that universal love (agape) is an energy form that connects and entangles, that my caring for another person, a pet, or even a plant is communicated to and sensed by the recipient.

     Perhaps quantum entanglement, an emerging field in physics, will yield insights.  Quantum entanglement defines the strange phenomena of entangled particles -- photons, electrons, molecules, even small diamonds – that can communicate instantly across unlimited distances at the quantum level of existence.  It is clear to me that information conveyed from mind to mind in telepathic experiences utilizes a physics, an energy, not yet defined.  Perhaps it is hiding within the quantum level of our existence.

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