Doron S. Antrim:  Activist/Change Agent,  Retired” Businessman & Entrepreneur,
Lifelong Seeker of Spiritual Truth, Philosopher, Engineer, Musician

Doron’s Ongoing Practices

My Three Legged Stool

The image of a three legged stool as the foundation for my life came to me while I was meditating  in the late ‘90s, and has been a valuable tool in my spiritual development ever since.  I use it frequently to focus my practice, particularly when life presents difficult challenges.  I ask myself, Are you living from the solid foundation of your stool?

Life just flows when I stand on my stool.  Accomplishments come smoothly.  Relationships work.  I feel no fear or stress.  I feel capable of handling anything that I might encounter in the future (including pain and death).  I have much joy and happiness.  But to be an effective foundation for living, each leg of the stool must be strong.

Leg #1: Living in the Moment.  Am I focused on the here and now, or am I letting thoughts about the past or future dominate my mind?  When I am writing or developing a long-range strategic plan, for example, is my mind focused on the task?  When I am conversing with another, is my mind focused on understanding and relating to the other person and her message?  When I am walking through beautiful woods is my mind open to and receiving the beauty and life that surrounds me or is it far away from the woods?  

Leg #2: Living  for Others.  Are my thoughts and activities directed to serving me or to serving others, to serving all living things and, thereby, serving the Divine?  Am I being selfish, self-centered in what I seek, or is my desire to do things that benefit others and all life; in short, is my caring switch (the next practice), stuck in the “me” position?  This is not to say that I lose sight of who and what is important in business negotiations, for example, or when I am negotiating for a cause in which I believe.

Leg #3: Living with Faith in the Divine Life Force.  Do I know that my needs will be met, that the Lord will provide; that I will be guided on the path of righteousness; that I will live with God’s love, and goodness, and mercy all the days of my life?  Do I know that when I am one with God, that I have nothing to fear?  This faith gives me the strength to live in the moment and to focus more on serving others than myself.


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