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My Caring Switch

A metaphor that has had a very powerful influence on my life came to me while I was meditating many years ago.  The image is a switch that directs power or energy to one of two places, like the switch on a stereo receiver selects which set of speakers, A or B, is going to receive the sound signal from the amplifier.  My switch selects where I direct my caring energy, my love.  I can direct it inward, to me, as I do when I’m selfish, striving to get something I want for me, or am worried about what’s happening to me.  Or, I can direct it outward, to others, and focus my love and caring on helping and supporting individuals or groups of people, or supporting nature or any of its inhabitants.

     I have learned that my switch can only be in one position at a time, either directing my caring and love energy to me or outward, to others.  And it can get stuck in the “me position,” which can pull me down into a depressive vortex of concern, worry, and fear about what’s happening to me.

     Practice has given me both an awareness of these depressive situations and the escape route: my switch.  When I realize that I am suffering because my caring switch is stuck in the “me” position, I consciously switch it outward, to others.  I focus my thinking on what I can do to help and support a person or a pet that I love very much.  I get involved in working for others.  That takes me out of any depression as rapidly as a switch on my stereo receiver can change speakers.

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