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Doron’s Cancer Updates

Prostate Cancer Updates


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April 26, 2013.  Bone scan negative; oncologist does not propose any alternative to my homeopathic treatment regimen.

The good news is that the cancer has not metastasized to my bones.  This provides some comfort to the hope that my present alternative treatment regimen is working.
     I will remain committed to it to the regimen, regardless.  First, I have a strong feeling that it is a major reason why I am feeling so great.  Second, the only alternative, should the cancer metastasize to the bone or elsewhere, is hormone (anti-testosterone) therapy, which I would most likely reject because the side effects could drag my quality of life down to unacceptable levels.  I place high value on quality of life, particularly in the final months.

     I have scheduled a PSA test in early July.

Nov. 2010.  After a rise in PSA I had a second biopsy which indicated some growth in the cancer; I selected and scheduled CyberKnife treatment.

After watchful waiting for almost four years, during which time my PSA ranged from 4.3 to 8.2, a reading of 9.5 prompted me to have a second biopsy, which indicated some growth in the tumor.  I again studied the treatment options and selected CyberKnife radiation.
    The technology of targeting the tumor precisely with high doses of radiation appealed to me, as did the simplicity of five treatments vs. daily treatments for weeks with more traditional radiation.  Once I heard that no treatment, even removal of the prostate via computer guided surgery, came with a guarantee that the cancer would not return, the decision was easy. Plus, the radiation oncologists reported an attractive success rate with their machine (but now it seems I may be in the minority group for which it proved unsuccessful).

Mar. 2013.  PSA rises to 12.4, but rate of increase decreases dramatically.  My treatment regimen may be working.

While the PSA rose from 11.8 to 12.4 in the three months, the doubling years measure increased from about 0.45 years to 4.55 years, which may indicate that my treatment regimen is working, is helping my body to fight the cancer naturally (which is what it is designed to do).

Jan. 2013.  PSA rises from 2.3 to 11.8; the cancer is back!

During 2012 my PSA climbed from 2.3 to 11.8.  Also disturbing was the very short doubling years (an indication of rate of growth of the cancer) represented by this increase.
     The oncologist told me I was one of the unlucky three patients out of over 500 who had cancer return after CyberKnife radiation.  He said I had oligomestatic prostate cancer and indicated that I should consider hormone therapy.  After reviewing the side effects of this therapy I sought an alternative.
     My homepathic doctor offered an alternative, the regimen that I started immediately and have followed since.  The regimen was endorsed with enthusiasm when I received a second opinion from a doctor in the Alternative Medicine Department of the University of Baltimore Medical Center.  He repeated the opinion I got back in 2006 that I would die of something else. Click here to review the regimen.  

Jan. 2012.  Initial PSA decline after radiation reversed and began to rise.

In the first six months following treatment my PSA was on the expected downward trend: 2.8, 1.8, 1.3.  It appeared that the radiation had killed all of the cancer until the downward trend reversed with a 2.3 reading.  But side effects from the radiation were practically nonexistent.

Mar. 2011.  CyberKnife radiation for five daily 50 minute treatments.

I laid perfectly still for 50 minutes as the radiation gun danced around my crotch, irradiated the tumor from many different angles; a painless and easy procedure.

Jan. 2006.  Biopsy confirms prostate cancer.  I reject aggressive treatment in favor of watchful waiting.

I had been having a PSA test yearly for many years and, when it passed the normal threshold of 4.0 to a reading of 5.7, I decided to have a biopsy.  The results indicated a small, early stage, slow growing cancer (T1cNOMO Stage II, Gleason 3+3).  After much study of the treatment options, I chose watchful waiting.  One oncologist told me I would die of something else.

June 28, 2013.  PSA dropped  to 5.4 from 12.2 in the past three months!  Say hallelujah!.

This dramatic drop gives me confidence that my treatment regimen of the past months – the viscum injections and supplements I take, my restricted (but enjoyable) diet, and my exercise practice –  is helping my body kill cancer cells.
     I will sustain this regimen as long as I live if it continues killing cancer cells and contributing to my overall feelings of strong health.  I feel like I did at 59: good energy; no aches or pains; good flexibility; sleep like a baby.  And I will continue with the 5/2 fast diet to maintain my weight between 160 and 166.  The fact is that the cancers are having zero effect on my quality of life.  Now I will be interested  in what my PSA tells me in six months.

Nov 27, 2013.  PSA now 4.4 – almost normal!

I have no doubt now that my treatment regimen is supporting my immune system as it kills cancer cells, and that it will keep doing so as long as I keep it up – which I will do with ease because it makes me feel so great..

June , 2014.  PSA dropped  to 2.9 from 4.4  last November.

It just keeps receding!  The regimen is killing the cancer and leaving me feeling like a 55 year old.  How can you beat that?  Next PSA is scheduled for December.

March , 2015.  PSA dropped  to 2.3 from 2.9  last November.

This is the lowest PSA reading I have experienced since I started having it tested  in 2004 (3.6).  The higher dosage of Iscadore (Mistletoe) , 20 mg, that I started taking every three days over a year ago may be the cause.  

July, 2015.  PSA down to 1.8!  My treatment plan is working.

January, 2016.  PSA = 1.9

Febrary, 2017.  PSA = 1.8